(Helsinki, Finland, 1975)

"Formation Echoed" +
"Silent Conversations"

03.11.06 > 11.11.06
monday-sunday : 9pm > 12pm

Still from Formations Echoed, 2006.

Axel Antas' most recent work investigates the relationship between man and nature, and new paths where time and space merge in order to elaborate a constructed image. His video work can be thought of as a reflection on how the Romantic tradition can be appropriated and have continuity in the formation of images in the 21st century.

In Formations Echoed, Antas films an English landscape, which is invaded by an artifical cloud which then disperses. The "pastoral" interventions silently animate the landscape, transforming them in a strange and etheral way, before returning them to their original tranquility.

In Silent Conversations, anonymous people approach a panel of glass covered in condensation. One by one, they create simple drawings that quickly disappear in the mist. Still from Silent Conversations , 2006.