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Vai Avanti , 2006. 3 channel video installation. Flash animation.

CARMELITAS GALLERY presents the multi-channel video installation Vai Avanti , by Dutch artist Rafaël Rozendaal (www.newrafaelcom). This project was developed from the piece and shows a landscape of colors that advances on an unending journey.

Rozendaal (1980) considers the internet to be a place between thoughts and objects, a space (not a medium) where he can create his Flash animations that usually encourage the spectator's participation. In his pieces, he creates a space between moment and movement. His work has been shown in the Hayward Gallery (London , 2007), in the Benaki Musuem (Athens , 2006), the Liquid Room (Tokyo , 2006), the GMVZ (Amsterdam, 2006), Galleria Pack (Milan , 2006), Sketch Gallery (London , 2005). In 2005, his work was shown in the LOOP festival and in SONAR (Barcelona )

Rozendaal is also presenting a selection of works—both drawings and animations—in GALERIA DELS ÀNGELS along with artist Miquel Garcia, as part of the current exhibition “Piece by piece”.